Lil Fixes (Mini Frugal Tip)
Posted on September 16, 2015 by Felicity FFF

I drink a lot of loose leaf tea. It’s cheap and yummy.

However, my tea strainer/tea infuser/mesh tea ball/whatever you want to call it started to develop what others called an “overbite.”

I was definitely contemplating buying a new, probably novelty tea strainer when it hit me: “Umm, you are an engineer. Why don’t you, I don’t know, solve this problem yourself and fix it?” Great idea, me!


Tea Infuser before fix — gap allows leaves to exit


Zoomed in — notice tea leaf attempting grand jailbreak


The strainer is metal with rivets…hmmm…can’t really adjust much…it does seem lopsided, though…what if I bent the lid slightly in the other direction…like so… et voila! Much tighter fit, even if it doesn’t show up so well in the picture.


Fixed strainer has much smaller gap.


Zoomed in — grand tea leaf escape denied!

Basically, tea like this:


(Before) Tea leaves escaping willy-nilly

to this: 


(After) Tea leaves that know their place.

1 minute of effort, >$5 saved. I might eventually buy the umbrella shaped strainer or the leaf strainer…but I will at least be able to hold off for a while.  😉

Any quick fixes you’ve made that gave life back to something sort of broken? 


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