About Us

Two humans (and dog)  discussing frugality, early retirement, and being happy. We retired mid-pandemic at the ages of 30 and 37.

Felicity is an electrical engineer, crafty maven, and amateur financial planner.

Fergus is a software engineer, frugal chef extraordinaire, and puppy wrangler.

Fluffster was the canine member of the FFF family. He was responsible for covering our apartment in fur.

Fluffster unfortunately passed away in 2019, but our apartment is still covered in fur. We are convinced his fluff has achieved sentience and has a very high survival drive.

Email us at fetchingfinancialfreedom@gmail.com for questions, media outreach, and suggested topics. If you’re new, start here! We are not accepting guest posts at this time.


Fetching Financial Freedom has been featured on Think Save Retire and the Millennial Money Man.

*There is no amount of money that will make us shill BlueHost, but we give honest reviews with some affiliate links to useful products and companies with souls. We also always research the competition and list pros/cons to each option. Our goal for monetizing this site is to cover costs. Above and beyond that, we’ve pledged to give >=50% of profits to charity.

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