Lil Fixes (Mini Frugal Tip)

I drink a lot of loose leaf tea. It’s cheap and yummy.

However, my tea strainer/tea infuser/mesh tea ball/whatever you want to call it started to develop what others called an “overbite.”

I was definitely contemplating buying a new, probably novelty tea strainer when it hit me: “Umm, you are an engineer. Why don’t you, I don’t know, solve this problem yourself and fix it?” Great idea, me!



The strainer is metal with rivets…hmmm…can’t really adjust much…it does seem lopsided, though…what if I bent the lid slightly in the other direction…like so… et voila! Much tighter fit, even if it doesn’t show up so well in the picture.



Basically, tea like this:


to this: 


1 minute of effort, >$5 saved. I might eventually buy the umbrella shaped strainer or the leaf strainer…but I will at least be able to hold off for a while.  😉

Any quick fixes you’ve made that gave life back to something sort of broken? 

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