Never Buy Rags (Mini Frugal Tip)

You know that T-shirt from college that is literally falling apart at the seams? The one with the stain of unknown origin? Perfectly good rag material.


Clothes, too, face the inevitability of death. Sure, if those pants are in great condition, donate them to Goodwill for a new life. But you know that ripped skirt is never going to sell.

You will need:

  • An article of old clothing (cotton, or some other material that feels like it could be a decent rag)
  • Scissors

Just follow this tutorial:

  1. Cut fabric into squareish or rectangularish pieces

And…that’s it! Super simple. If anything involving scissors scares you, or you’re a perfectionist,  here‘s a beautifully photographed tutorial for making dust rags from old t-shirts.

Have enough rags?

Well, exactly how messed up is this item of clothing you have in mind? Can you repair itRefashion it?

Have a dog? What about an extremely durable (and cheap) toy?

Do you have stuff and need a place to put it? Have you tried a bag?

Does the idea of a bag interest you, but the idea of sewing frighten you? How about a  no-sew market bag?

And finally, if none of this works for you, you can still donate textiles of mostly any condition, as they are likely able to be recycled. It’s better than taking up valuable space in your closet or rotting away in a landfill.


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