My Cents Positive Letter to My Future Self
Posted on November 7, 2018 by Felicity FFF

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Cents Positive is a women’s financial independence retreat, where those on the path to financial independence (or already there) can connect. I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural retreat in Denver this past weekend, including the blogger day.

The best way I can quickly give you an idea of how it went is to show you what I wrote for the final exercise. Tanja was very insistent on making sure we all wrote a letter to our future selves on the last day. While I slacked and waited until the plane ride home, it was a critical exercise. And now I’m sharing with you (as it’s the only way I will not lose the letter)!

Letter to My Future Self (Prompts Bolded)

Write yourself a letter 

Take a few minutes before you head home to remind future you of this experience, including:

  • Your biggest takeaways from the retreat →it’s not all or nothing; we are all imperfect
  • The biggest surprises or Aha! moments →we all feel guilt and shame and can be there for each other
  • What future you should do if you lose your way on the FI journey →write out goals→talk w/Fergus
  • What you want future you to remember when you reach your goal →nothing needs to be perfect
  • What future you should do if you start to feel alone on the journey →REACH OUT AND VOCALIZE

Dear Future Me:

You have so much to offer. You bring others joy, you listen, you plot, and you scheme for world peace. You will try and you will fail, a lot, and that’s amazing because failure means growth. Embrace it, fail fast, and revector.

TALK TO PEOPLE. They cannot help you if they don’t know what’s wrong.

GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. You are human. Go for walks, exercise, fuel your body with patriarchy-kicking energy.

CHECK IN. Don’t coast. You don’t have to do amazing things 24/7; you just need to stay mindful. Talk with Fergus. Make a spreadsheet.

What would you include in a letter to your future self? Do you regularly check in with yourself on goals (let me know how!)? 

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  1. Hi There! That’s a great letter! I might need to read it myself when I left self-doubt creep in. As for goals, I make a list at the beginning of each year of what I want to accomplish (e.g. complete Duolingo French, Read 1 non-fiction book a month, Lose X lbs etc) and have monthly check ins to see where I am. It’s fun and flexible because if I see something isn’t working or I want to shift focus (I’m learning Spanish instead of French now) I can. Good luck with your goals!